Lib councillor sexed up/dumbed down wife for electoral gain?

It’s not necessarily a great time to be a woman and connected to the Liberal Party.  Regressive behaviour amongst male politicians seems to span federal, state and local govts.

Canning has one such retrograde, whose behaviour can be so reprehensible one wonders if he put his own partner up for local govt election, in mini skirt and boots, just to score a vote for Deputy Mayor.

The same councillor, Jesse Jacobs, recently oiled his way in to media coverage for WA Lib Party’s Alyssa Hayden’s triumphant return to politics (only the fourth woman the party has in parliament today).

The political profiles of Canning Councillors here 

Jacobs seems to promote himself every chance he gets, but how much credibility can be attached to it is another thing altogether.

Last year a woman ran for council claiming she would do [more with less money, focus on the basics, freeze rate rises, slash staff and councillor benefits and attend every council meeting].

The perfect councillor, right?

Sherry Ai Hong Sun – Perth Votes (Community Newspapers) 

I thought it odd at the time we never really got to see the woman’s face, or more recent pictures.

Photo Ms Sun used for election purposes at left; at right as she looks today

If you knew who she was then the credibility of this bid collapsed immediately.

The candidate’s name was Sherry Ai Hong Sun.  She is the common law wife of Jesse Jacobs, apparently struggles with English and her populist promises were in direct contrast to how her partner actually performs on council.

Jacobs, son of former short-term Barnett Govt minister Graham Jacobs, and brother of Vic Park councillor Julian Jacobs, was partly responsible for awarding the CEO additional benefits, he has and will again vote through rate, fee and service charges expected to remain high (~3% rise annually) for another 10yrs, he has a spotted record in turning up for council briefings and so on.

It’s possible Ms Sun substantially differed from Jacobs in belief on how local govts should be run, but it could also have been the case he convinced Ms Sun to run in order to split votes and increase the chances of existing, but largely unknown councillor Tim Porter’s re-election.

Sherry Ai Hong Sun’s election manifesto – Perth Votes

As it turns out Porter was returned, he gave his vote to Jacobs for Deputy Mayor (unsuccessful) shortly afterward, but embarrassingly for Ms Sun few voters wanted a bar of her:

Results for Nicholson ward, City of Canning, 2017 LG elections

There are male councillors at Canning  who behave badly in relation to women at times.  Some of them want your vote for Mayor in 2019.

I’m not sure the actions of female executives at the City of Canning, or its female councillors, do much to showcase the best of women either, but its the male councillors that get downright tawdry.

More to come.

(References to follow)

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  1. Just not good enough……. maybe returning to the old system of unpaid Councillors would keep out the riff-raff?
    Certainly rates need to be moderated as all the roads and footpaths were installed and paid for by our parents and grandparents. I am thinking of having to take the roof off my east wing so to reduce my mercurial rates!


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