Jordon Steele John, proud disabled man: WA’s new Senator!

Update: Oh dear. Thus far new Senator Steele John playing it safe. After months of showing a lot of support for Same Sex Marriage, his first utterance in Parliament was about invasion day/Australian Day debate.  Band wagon stuff.  Yet people with disabilities in Australia don’t get to “feel the love” and have been waiting to matter since the dawn of our time, too – or is that unreasonable to point out? The problem with band wagons is they form a defensive circle when under “attack” – a remarkable feat from a comfortable armchair.  Try harder, faster on issues of disability, please, Senator, and definitely beyond NDIS, which won’t help most of us help ourselves, in a country that just doesn’t care.

Today is a BIG DAY for Australia and people with disabilities – one of the last, and  largest, marginalised sectors in our population.

At the same time as the debate on Same Sex Marriage raged, funding for the first ever National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) floundered and remains unresolved.

Only one issue attracted the public’s interest and mass participation.

Councils are no different.

Jordon has every intention of changing that.   At only 23 years of age, a man who walks with cerebral palsy (disability community joke!) has become “the youngest person to ever serve as a senator, and the first with a lived experience of disability”.

This became his right after a special count back of votes from the last federal election following Greens Senator Scott Ludlam’s resignation over citizenship issues.

As a proud disabled woman, I’m going to ask Canning’s CEO, Arthur Kyron, just how amazing he can be in the disability space, as Canning seeks to elevate itself above mediocrity.

I’ll leave you with Jordon Steele-John’s message as he undertakes his first press conference in Canberra this morning.  As Scott Ludlam said: “so it begins”.








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