Video: Lousy councillor, Lib Party devotee?


VIDEO EXPIRED!  Transcript: see non-descript Canning Councillor Jesse Jacobs do well in Liberal Party School!

Given the power struggles played out in the last year within both the WA Labor and Liberal Parties, you’d assume the public would be more aware of who runs the state – or wants to.  Not so!

The West Australian took to the streets to ask people if they recognize any of the Barnett Govt Ministers who’ve just been through a bid to change the Premier.

A pretty cringe-worthy video of new City of Canning councillor Jesse Jacobs emerged, showing a man those in his representative Ward increasingly feel is not interested in them – after just 11 months – but who can name every Liberal MP in the photo shown.

Virtually no other member of the public knew, or cared to.

“How do you know [all the names]?” the reporter asked?

“I’m in the Liberal Party!”, said Jesse.

Jesse Jacobs will contest the seat of Cannington in the March 2017 state election, currently held by Bill Johnston.  If the past is anything to go by Jacobs will spend and spend, and promise so many things.

In Canning, we are still waiting on any of them being delivered.

Last night, as the Council passed a contentious, some say foolhardy, motion to progress the new Canning City Centre plan without WAPC approval, it is perhaps telling that Jacobs, the only councillor to speak as voting began, said words to the effect “Let’s just get it done… I want to see the development [basically of Cecil Ave] while I’m still around”.

Cecil Ave, of course, is the main street to Canning’s CBD and where current MP for Cannington Bill Johnston’s office is, and a very nice office it would be to occupy too.

Jesse is just one of the new Councillors at Canning believed to want to run for parliament.  We’ll see more of this as the sitting fees for ward representatives today (fourfold plus increase) is now enough to pay for a sizeable election campaign.

Image, link and concept, The West Australian
[Now Expired!} Original video to be found on Yahoo, published Sept 19, 2016

3 thoughts on “Video: Lousy councillor, Lib Party devotee?

  1. Jesse Jacobs is an absolute idiot. He is unprofessional, completely selfish, not at all committed to the City of Canning, can not put a sentence together that makes any sense, dresses like he is about to do the gardening and has proven to be a liar. Why has he not been sacked from his position on the council yet? He only wants to win the liberal seat at the next election and has done nothing for his residents.


    1. Unfortunately I personally haven’t heard anything positive about Jesse, which is odd. I largely only see pics of him at City’s business breakfasts, or City events where elected members of the Lib Party are involved (who he arranges to be photographed with). By now I’d have thought he’d be putting forth things at Council consistent with [anything] he promised in the election campaign…. Jesse doesn’t seem to realise that if he worked hard as a Councillor, on local issues that genuinely identify with Canning and its communities real needs, he’d be seen as a man capable of being its representative in Parliament. Essentially, Jacobs seems to have wasted 11 months, and now only has around four council meetings to show he is a leader, which is not enough time. Its unfortunate as he has a huge amount of energy when he wants to. How could he not have realised this? Now, he is going to have to return to pumping out crap, basically, because nothing he said amounted to anything.


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