Canning’s ground-breaking animal care highly praised

CanningAccountability Patrick Hall Dogs Refuge Home - CEO at the counter (3)
Photo taken in 2014 when Patrick Hall was CEO of Dogs’ Refuge Home (two cuties in his arms re-housed to happy homes!)

UPDATE:  Brilliant new service for pets and other small creatures:  Perth Pet Taxi!  24 hour operation, several cars on road, will transport with/without owner, carries deceased pets to final resting place. 

Canning’s bid this week to formally adopt a “Pro Life” policy for cats’n’dogs in its care passed unanimously at Council, received some of the highest Likes across community Facebooks this year and was praised by politicians.

The City of Canning looks to be “leading the pack” in relation to animal care practices and facilities.  See below.

To quote the policy’s instigator, former CEO of Shenton Park’s Dogs’ Refuge Home and now Canning Councillor, Patrick Hall: “[it sends a clear message that euthanasia is a last resort and that animal ethics and the humane treatment of animals is important…. I feel certain the policy aligns the values of Council with those of the community]”.

Cr Hall’s expertise identified that local govts rarely have holistic practices relating to a duty of care towards cats and dogs, or appropriate guidance as to how and if they should be put down, despite 000s being impounded every year.  He encourages councils to start with the fundamentals:-

Language is important   “Pro-Life” rather than a “Euthanasia Policy”. One talks of death. One speaks of life.  Creating a Pro-Life Policy sets the tone for the manner in which the City will deal with animals under its control.

As such our Council has requested a position paper that sets the scenario for a far more positive outlook on the fate of its impounded animals:

  1. a statement which illustrates the City’s position that; the euthanasia of companion animals is to be undertaken as a last resort: and;
  2. the circumstances in which the decision to euthanise is to be considered: and;
  3. the approval and escalation process proceeding any decision to euthanise a companion animal: and;
  4. the humane method to be used to euthanise the animal: and;
  5. documenting pro-life (low-kill) mitigation strategies including re-homing

At Cr Hall’s suggestion the City has added the Dogs’ Refuge Home to its preferred re-homing agencies list, and in fact the first dog to be transferred there has just found his “forever home”!

It doesn’t stop there!

Cr Hall moved quickly in his first 10 months on Council and the City’s holding facilities now boast:

  • sterilisation mats at every entrance/exit, to prevent spread of infection
  • electricity upgrades and temperature tests ongoing to provide heating to kennels
  • quotes underway for environmentally sensitive, high-pressure misting systems to keep dogs cool in Summer

The City’s executives were already moving to install new water fountains along our foreshore so dogs could water their humans as well as themselves, and in October 2015 Canning was the first metro Council to include provision for pets during emergencies with the development of a mobile animal welfare response trailer for evacuation sites.

The attitude of animal care staff at Canning is amazing – they refused to release a pair of German Shepherds recently for fear of them being exploited and told me they were proud to work for the City (under the directorship of Tania Trengove) for the priority it places on animal welfare.

As for Canning’s lost cats, with the blessing of the Cat Haven (who previously took them), they will now be transferred to excellent facilities at the City of South Perth.  Please keep an eye out for “Pet of the Week” ads placed in Canning Examiner#

Cr Hall’s work to improve the welfare of animals under local govt control received high praise yesterday:

There is often a lag between when a shift in social ethics occurs and practices change to reflect the new acceptable norm.  This is very evident in the new attitudes surrounding how we care for and protect animals. The best place to start in adjusting policy and practice to a new morality is with how we treat companion animals.  I’m so very pleased that a new generation of leaders are emerging, leaders like Patrick Hall, who aren’t afraid to change this world for the better – who recognise that the animals with which we share this planet deserve better than we have given them in our recent past.

Patrick Hall has brought compassion and excellence to the City of Canning by introducing reforms that recognise the inherently valuable role that companion animals play in our family life. I’m so very pleased to recognise the achievements that Patrick has negotiated in his role as a recently elected Councillor for the City of Canning.
Lisa Baker
Member for Maylands
Committed to stopping puppy farming and the supply chain that supports this industry*

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*WA Labor’s policy on stopping puppy farming is to be found HERE