Is Canning becoming seedy? Part one

Snob pic by Open Clip Art

Canning is not a council that attracts major media generally, but its been getting it for the wrong reasons lately:

  • bugs
  • drugs
  • second-class NBN rollout
  • more residents depending on Uber and taxi work to cope than any other council area

Remember the rats from Hoyts hell in 2013?

Hoyts rats
PRESS FOR VIDEO : Hoyts’ mouse hunt

Then came cockroaches – which Trip Advisor is reporting has continued – and all at our major shopping destination

Urban Turban cockroaches
IT GETS WORSE… Press through to Daily Mail article

Canning is just one of the council areas listed on the Dept of Health’s Offenders List, but repeat offending coverage is “trending” here and now our bug probs have gone national…

Then there’s the FREAKING HUGE AMOUNT OF METHYLAMPHETAMINE seized from East Cannington properties in the last week.  The second biggest haul recorded in WA, and a highly organized operation – but for the discovery of the boat used to ship it in Canning may well have become the new drug hotspot:

Meth find in East Cannington

Just how much are these realities going to cost our City to anticipate?  And there’s more….

PART 2Canning’s premium development areas have got fundamental poles, wires and broadband issues…. and Uber is cheap to use, but we have the highest number of people “partnering” with it to try to make ends meet.  Good or bad?

*Snob image produced by palimpsest and sourced from  Licence CC0 1.0

Hoyt’s Mouse Hunt, original video from WAToday, 2 April 2013

Live cockroaches and flies found in food at Indian restaurant – as owner is slapped with a $54,000 fine
Read more:

“Geraldton boat mystery: Secret police sting leads to $200m ice bust“, Grant Wynne, Grant Taylor and Gabrielle Knowles – The West Australian on May 27, 2016

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